Ayurvedic Cooking Series

Ayurvedic Cooking Series



Thanks for being here. Something inside of you must be compelled to deepen your knowledge through Ayurveda.  I’m here for you and I’m ready. I’ve been studying Ayurveda and Yoga for almost ten years and I feel aligned and compelled to share my gifts with you. 

In the past five years I’ve been leading clients through Ayurvedic transformation programs, cheffing yoga retreats, private cheffing, leading cooking classes, and teaching yoga and meditation. These modalities have taught me how to love myself, nurture myself, and listen to my mind and body in a way that I never knew existed. I’m determined to spread the knowledge and help people break through barriers they never thought they could.

Be Well, 

Jenny (Aligned Through Ayurveda Founder)

What is my dosha?

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Ayurveda Self Mastery 

A six month life transformation program.

Cheffing Services

In home private cheffing, retreats, events, cooking classes, etc...

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