Would you take 28 days to change your life forever? 

Begins March 2nd! 

Wild Vedic Livings Ayurvedic Transformation is a 28-Day Integration Program for health conscious beings and spiritual seekers. If you want to expand your understanding for Ayurveda for your specific body type to increase your lifespan, feel lighter, more happiness, and find creativity in the kitchen, then this program is for you!

Are You Ready to: 

  • Feel like you want to seize each day when you wake up? 

  • ​Learn the ancient methods of Ayurveda for super-charging​ your own deep physical and spiritual thriving? 

  • Learn your unique constitution and how to treat your specific body?

  • Learn how to set up your Ayurvedic Kitchen? 

  • Cook new and exciting healing recipes with exotic spices?

  • ​​Feel like creating a new paradigm that reduces your stress, creates energy, and possible weight loss?

  • Discover your specific daily routine that leads to extreme clarity and abundance? 

  • Deepen your knowledge of nutrition, herbs and self-care?

  • Make new friends? ​

  • Join a tribe of Ayurvedic practitioners? 

What people are saying...


I have taken Jenny's program 5 times over the past 2 years, and I love the results that I get- that is why I have been a returning customer!  I am a personal trainer and I have also recommended Jenny to my clients who are looking to make meaningful, lasting changes to their bodies and their minds.  The most substantial result that I get from the process is the sense of calm and peace I receive from Jenny’s program. My food is now tasty and provides adequate energy to get me through my busy days, but it is the meditative aspect of the cleanse that has the longest lasting effects for me.  My clients have gotten great results as well! I cannot recommend this process highly enough. If you are truly ready to see physical changes in your body and repair your emotional relationship with food, this program is for you.

Vera Ross


Owner, Coach V Personal Training

The Program...  

The Ayurvedic Lifestyle Integration Program is a 28-day course. It's the first level of learning about your specific Ayurvedic constitution and learn how to integrate it into your life in 28-days.


It will take place 100% online and is therefore easy to integrate into your life. Classes will be both live and recorded, making it is easy to fit your lectures into your everyday life from our easy-to-manage online classroom.

The Ayurvedic Lifestyle Integration Program is based on the principle that it is possible to add Ayurvedic lifestyle techniques to your life that make you happier, lighter, and less stressed. This program will give you all the basics of Ayurveda, as well as how to apply them to your specific mind and body. How can you live your life to the fullest if your health is altered in a state of imbalance?


This course will not only offer the time-tested support systems for your physical and mental body, but also enhance your culinary expertise. Join us creating a life of less stress, more simplicity, and most importantly, the true fulfillment of healing yourself through your own knowledge and discipline.


We will be limiting the number of students in this course, so sign up early!

 I absolutely loved every part of this cleanse! It never made me feel like I was depriving myself of anything but instead adding to my life. I've learned so many great self-care practices that I will continue on after the cleanse. Learning more about Ayurveda has been so eye-opening and intriguing. I want to keep learning more about my dosha and how I can help balance myself. Being more mindful of all aspects of your life is such a great thing and leaves you with a great feeling.

Valerie Wirkus

Licensed Manicurist

How will you benefit?

  • Seize the day with increased energy

  • Weight Loss

  • Clear skin

  • Stress reduction

  • Having your own Ayurvedic medicine pantry in your own kitchen

  • Clarity towards your goals

  • A daily routine protocol that makes you feel amazing


  • Understand Ayurveda more

  • Discover your specific constitution

  • Reveal what specific protocol is right for you  

  • Integrate your new daily routine each day

  • Find out how to set up your Ayurvedic kitchen

  • Learn what to eat and how to cook with foods for your body type

  • Personal Ayurvedic phone consultation

  • Meditation build up routine for the 28 days

  • Journaling Exercises

  • New friends


About 5 years ago I decided to delve into my soul through an Ayurvedic Cleanse. I was feeling stuck, overweight, unhappy, and lost. Through the process of daily meditation, healthy eating, and learning how to look at my health in an Ayurvedic perspective. I began to change radically. The meditation and daily routine opened my eyes to my true desires. Observation of the mind and easily digestible foods allowed me to see goals and execute. I grew confidence and left a toxic relationship and moved across the country to follow my dreams. I had always wanted to move to California and live in a healthier atmosphere. The clarity I received from living an Ayurvedic lifestyle was unbelievable. I moved a lot of stagnant energy. This is the reason that I want to facilitate such an experience for others.

Our Virtual Classroom Includes...

  • Weekly online class call where we can see and hear you virtually!

  • Daily access to our classroom - take the classes live/when released, or take them anytime at your convenience

  • Support from Wild Vedic Livings Private Facebook Group

  • 60 minute personal Ayurvedic phone consultation

Get your spot now! 






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