Ayurvedic Consultation 

Through an in-depth evaluation of your state of health, lifestyle practices and physical attributes, i will develop an understanding of your unique constitution and any root causes of imbalance or changes you may be experiencing. Your constitution or Prakruti is the fundamental and unique balance of three basic energies called doshas. Your consultation will result in a report of findings and recommendations to start your path of healing through meditation, physical exercises, breathing techniques, using specific spices and herbs, and a unique daily routine protocol.

90 Day- Kick Start Ayurvedic Lifestyle  Package

Up-level your health, relationship to food, self-care, sleep and daily routines using the wisdom of Ayurveda. I will guide and support you in owning the next chapter in your healing evolution back to radiant health and balanced living in  a period of 90 days. 

6 Month- Total Transformation Ayurvedic Coaching Package-

This is truly a life changing experience! You will receive a tailor made package including yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Diet and Recipes. You will continue to be supported with regular meetings so that we can closely manage  your health. Your continued consultations will review changes and therapies will be adjusted accordingly. This is a chance to immerse your self in a committed effort to enhance your health, your life and your relationships for 6 months. 

contact me to select the right option for your health goals!

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