I chef yoga retreats, networking events, teach cooking classes, dinner parties, you name it! 


What I offer... 

*Custom menus centering around your retreat’s intention
*Farm-to-table rustic cuisine
*Vegan, raw, and fusion cuisine
*Ovo-lacto vegetarian cuisine
*100% plant-based or primarily plant-based with sustainable animal products
*Ayurvedic preparation  for dosha-balancing or dosha specific meals
*Macro-biotic cuisine
*Paleo and/or plant-based paleo
*Gluten-free cuisine
*Oil-free cuisine
*Fresh nut milks, cold-pressed juice, superfood smoothies 
*Coursed meals with servers
*Cooking classes and workshops to add to your retreat
*Sensitive to dietary restrictions and/or food allergies
*All food is prepared with extra LOVE
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