5 Day Deep Detox and Weight Loss Cleanse

5 Day Deep Detox and Weight Loss Cleanse


This 5 day cleanse will provide immunity, strength, and a deeper love for life! We all need to shed our toxic habits as some point, so why not NOW.


What to expect?


This particular cleanse is 5 days long. But plan on giving the cleanse about 10 days for optimal results. This time frame allows for proper preparation before the cleanse and eases you slowly back into your normal routine afterwards.


During this time you will eat a diet of kitchari and fruit for the first 2 days and a mono-diet consisting only of kitchari (basmati rice cooked with mung beans) for the last 3 days. This diet is substantial enough that you can go about your daily life without feeling tired but resets your digestive system at the same time. During the 5 day period other practices such as self massage, gentle exercise, and detoxifying lemon ginger water will enhance the effects of the cleanse.