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What is an ayurvedic cleanse?

Ayurveda is a system of healing that is derived from ancient India. It is said to be the oldest healing system in the world. Ayuh means life and veda means knowledge. It is a medicinal science and its purpose is to maintain the quality and longevity of life. It consists of daily regimen that has evolved from practical, philosophical and spiritual illumination. Ayurveda explains that everyone has their own unique constitution, mind, and consciousness that is the foundation of our health and happiness. There is no concept of specialization. Ayurveda treats the whole person, not just the organ or system involved.


Everyday we do things to our bodies that bring us out of balance. These Ayurvedic Kitchari cleanses will guide you back into a healthful and glowing state of pure BLISS.


An Ayurvedic Cleanse is a journey inward. Through eating a mono-diet of Kitchari (Indian cleansing soup) you will find clarity, lightness, and brightness.  You can choose between a 3 or 5 day cleanse. The cleanse entails a delivered to your home kit. The kit includes prepped kitchari, fruit, ayurvedic supplements from Paavani, self-care practices, meditation, and yoga techniques, and guided daily emails for support. Are you wanting a serious detox without drinking strange concoctions or fasting? Then try one these ayurvedic cleanse and I'll deliver right to your door.