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A 16- Week process of learning and living the ancient methods of Ayurveda. Expand your understanding for Ayurveda for your specific body type to increase your lifespan, feel lighter, more happiness, and find creativity in the kitchen.


Online Group Immersion: April 1st  - July 31st

+ In-Person Retreat

Ayurvedic Education



Case Studies and Integration

Where are you now? 

  • Struggling with mental drain? 

  • Feeling a midday crash and loss of energy on the daily? 

  • Carrying extra weight around?

  • Struggling with a daily meditation practice and can't figure out how to calm the mind down?

  • Interested in learning how to cook Ayurvedically?

  • Skin is unhealthy and has break-outs?

  • Waking up throughout the night? 

  • Interested in learning more about Ayurveda?

Imagine life if you lived in alignment with body and mind?

  • Tap into your own energy without caffeine

  • Learn the ancient methods of Ayurveda for super-charging your own deep physical and spiritual thriving

  • Learn your unique constitution and how to treat your specific body type

  • Learn how to set up your Ayurvedic kitchen and become an Ayurvedic cook

  • Create a new paradigm that reduces stress, creates energy, and possible weight loss

  • Discover your daily routine that leads to extreme clarity and abundance

  • Deepen your knowledge of nutrition, herbs, and self-care

  • Unearth a better relationship with nature

  • Weekly 1 Hour Group Zoom Calls

  • Become a Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach

  • Meditation build-up routine for the four months

  • Journaling exercises and accountability homework

  • 60-minute in-depth Ayurvedic Sacred Vision Session

  • Guest speakers, video modules

  • Cooking classes

  • Ayurvedic cookbook and grocery list

  • 28-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

  • Day of silence and in-person retreat 

  • Graduation and Ayurvedic dinner celebration

  • Private Facebook group with unlimited ongoing support

What to expect...

Month 1- Ayurveda Basics

Books: Fundamental Textbook of Ayurveda by Vasant Lad

  • Orientation

  • Group Introductions

  • Introduction to Ayurveda

  • Personalized Ayurvedic Consult and Sacred Vision Session

  • In-depth with Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

  • Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Technique

  • Doshas and their subtypes

Month 2- Becoming an Ayurvedic Cook

Books: The Everyday Ayurvedic Cookbook by Kate Odonell

  • Practical techniques and routines in the kitchen

  • Preparation of food

  • How to cook for your dosha

  • Six Tastes and 5 elements

  • Rasas and food combinations

  • Spices and healing properties

  • Recipes

  • Set up your Ayurvedic Prantry

  • Have an Ayurvedic Dinner Party and post pictures

  • Ayurvedic Fusion

Month 3- Cleansing and Herbs

Book: The Yoga of Herbs by David Frawley

  • 28- Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

  • Tune out to tune in- a digital detox

  • How to perform abhyanga

  • Yoga, meditation, and pranayama routines for a specific dosha 

  • 9 Attitudinal Foundations of mindfulness 

  • Eating a mono-diet of cleansing kitchari

  • How to perform enemas

  • Ayurvedic herbs and medicinal purposes

Month 4- Case Studies, Integration, and Celebration

Books: Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley

  • Case Studies- Performing Ayurvedic Consultations

  • Create long term plan of support from me

  • Buddy work system and creating accountability towards goals

  • Graduation Ceremony with certifications given

  • Destination Retreat with Day of Silence

  • Amazing Ayurvedic Food

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